Photo Tours London for Lightstudios London

In the last few years there has been a two-sided development on the wishes of customers when it comes to photography; On one hand people want to create beautiful photos without a lot of technical hassle, by using their smartphone and on the other hand people are more interested in technical photography because DSLR cameras are becoming more accessable.

Photo Tours London will cater to both of these groups with the various packages they offer. They have instructional workshops for people who want to learn more about the techniques of photography and they offer photo walks for people who want to discover London’s beauty, without the hassle of settings and camera menus.

Photo Tours London will show the different sides London has to offer, with different tours. they promise that not only will they teach the tricks on how to create stunning photographs, but they will also show a side of Europe’s biggest city that you have not seen before.

Flyers will be spread in hotels and a website and Facebook was created.